What I Learned From Makeup Legend Scott Barnes In Just 10 Minutes

What I Learned From Makeup Legend Scott Barnes In Just 10 Minutes

Have you ever followed someone's success and thought "wow, if I could just talk with them and understand their mind!" - well it's called manifestation and it happened to me! Most of you are familiar with JLo.....ok obviously ALL of you know who THEE JLo is, but let me introduce you to the artist behind her consistently BEAT face, Mr. Scott Barnes.

Scott is a legendary beauty guru, celebrity makeup artist, owner of his own Cosmetic Brand, overall innovator within the cosmetic industry and founder of the #SNATURAL movement - look up the hashtag.

Before anyone was using highlighter and before it became mainstream, Scott was literally blending up bronzy glow in an actual BLENDER to use on celebrity clients! No one even made what he needed to use. So, like any business person, he created a Glow formula himself. It's amazing and can be found at ScottBarnes.com.


Anyway! Scott has been my unofficial beauty industry mentor and makeup idol for a while now and GUESS WHAT?! We got to spend some time hanging out in his glam area this summer. I am currently writing you from the GRAVE as I completely died after my head exploded and let me tell you.....he's not a legend for NOTHIN'!!

LISTEN. 10 minutes with him will change the game of ANY makeup artist or makeup lover! Here are the high level things I learned during our glam time!....Get out your pen.

1. Bronze it up 

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