This is the LAST toiletry bag you will ever buy!
Getting ready should feel super easy and organized. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you should always feel like you have your sh*t together!

Sis, toss those three dusty makeup pouches and that crusty ziploc bag in the trash and find luxury every chance you can get! Your stuff is too good for that!

The Original Lit Glam Bag™ is the first travel makeup bag with LED lights.
First to ever do it!

While attempting to gather myself together - mid-flight - I realized I couldn’t hold my mirror, my phone light AND apply my concealer at the same time.  I decided to search for a makeup bag that could meet my needs. I literally could not find anything that met my needs! Like please give me my bathroom countertop to-go!




I have to feel prepared in every way possible. I have to see all my options when I’m getting ready. I have to see MYSELF! I can’t be digging around in an endless black hole looking for my favorite black liner. To me, feeling glam meant that I felt prepared. It meant I could come and go anywhere and everywhere and not feel like I can’t look and feel my best. 

This bag will take your last minute crumbs and turn them into a whole MEAL.