6 EASY Steps to Look More Polished

6 EASY Steps to Look More Polished

Hey there! 

I'll never forget my first job out of college. It was an AMAZING experience I'll never forget. It taught me so much about the work force and pushed me farther than I would ever push myself! 

One thing that held me back and made me feel less confident was thinking that some of the other women I worked with seemed so "put together". I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but I noticed they looked more "ready", less oily, inviting and overall more professional.

I hated that feeling!


I knew I was "enough" but since I'm so petite, i struggled with making sure I looked like a respected adult!! Part of what I started to do was enhance my makeup routine. 

I know, I know, it's JUST makeup *insert eye roll*. But the truth is, I know I'm not the only one who has felt this.

SO this is for those who were and are like me! 

I found you can skip a lot of steps when it comes to your daily routine, but these 6 steps were the ones that had the biggest impact on my look. 


Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows. Please understand how important eyebrows are. They shape your face. They provide meaning for the other steps. They let people know your ready and awake!


If you find you do not have the time to fill them in, make an appointment to get them micro-bladed! If you do not know how to shape them, get them shaped at our local nail/waxing shop! It's such a simple thing that makes a HUGE impact. Click here for my favorite brow product. A more affordable option here. 


This step CANNOT be skipped! Aside from grooming my eyebrows, I will almost never leave the house without some concealer. My sleep can be sketchy sometimes due to these kids lol, but concealer INSTANTLY wakes me up.


Life comes at you fast, and sometimes you can start to wear your sleep schedule under your eyes. Get a concealer that is at least 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and apply in an upside down triangle under your eye area. Blend in! Here are some of my favorite concealers. Higher end here. My ultimate drugstore favorite here!


There is no denying that a warm bronzer and blinding highlighter are a few of everyone's favorite products. But don't even REACH for those items if you do not have a steady and ready blush!

Blush will give you the look of HEALTH and YOUTH! More importantly, it will make you look ALIVE lol. Blush can seem like a thing of the past with all the new products coming out for your face but according to a 2012 study by Psychology Today, people shown photos of faces that had been enhanced with red undertones, perceived the photographed subjects as more attractive, youthful, healthier and vibrant! Need I say more??! These are my ultimate favorite blushes! Higher end here. Affordable here.


This step MAY be skipped depending on your eye-lining skills or your eye shape. However, if you have not tried this in your normal routine, give it a try!! It definitely makes me feel more awake and less "bare" when I leave the house! Especially after I apply concealer. This is my favorite eyeliner PERIOD!


Mascara is one of the main items that can help pull your eyes back from the trenches of sleep deprivation! Sometimes, mascara can even DOUBLE as eyeliner if you do it right! You don't want to skip this. Eyelashes are an entire industry for a reason. I use only black mascara. Just get the mascara sis! Here is my favorite higher end. Equally as amazing drugstore option here.



Lips are a MUST. If you are going minimal on everything else, add a little color on the lips! It doesn't have to be bright red or bright pink. It can be a humble mauve situation. In fact that is a better look when you want to look more "alive"!

If you MUST leave one out, you can toss that eyeliner OR mascara depending on your natural eyelash ministry. the others must stay! 

What are some tips you have learned through your makeup journey? What are some of your favorite products?


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